Is Coffee Good or Bad?

Is Coffee Good or Bad for your health? We ask this question because coffee seem
s to be another social media trend, these days. Proclaiming oneself as coffeeholic, crediting coffee for one’s productive day, posting pictures of coffee on  Instagram are way too common if you look it up on the internet.  Some people even say that they feel like zombies if they don’t have their coffee that day. This prompted us at The Review TV to conduct a small research on whether coffee is good or bad for the overall health of a coffeeholic.

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Coffee- What’s Good?

We came across the findings of some research that vouch for the unmatchable capacity of coffee to  prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, type-2 diabetes, liver diseases, and also the risk of depression. It’s also known to improve cognition function and performance – the main reason for its consumption. So, what we see on social-media platforms crediting coffee for a productive day isn’t false. Since we are not experts to defy claims about its other hidden health benefits as showcased by scientists’ research, we leave it for you to try and test the result

What’s Bad About Coffee? 

While we have no issues admitting that coffee has wondrous effects on a drowsy person, we are still concerned about the side-effects of consuming coffee.


Everyone, including the passionate coffee drinkers might be probably aware of this point, already. Regular consumption of coffee leads to dependency. Therefore, on days when you have not had your coffee, you would feel restless, dull and experience other withdrawal symptoms such as headache, tiredness and irritability. When this point is a widely known and obvious fact to many, the next point might seem shocking, we bet.

Carcinogenic properties of Coffee:

According to a credible source, coffee contains acrylamide which is a known carcinogen. It is said that the chemical is produced during the roasting process of coffee beans. Furthermore, the coffee powder available in the market is not pure coffee and contains a considerable amount of Chicory powder for taste. Truth is that Chicory allegedly is carcinogenic  and considered risky.

While these two complaints against coffee are made by scientists, there is still one more information that evades public’s attention. That is the presence of pesticides.

Pesticides in Coffee:

We say this having after paying visit to a coffee estate and observing their practices carefully. Coffee plantation owners turn to pesticides and other chemical substances to increase the yield and also to protect the pants from pests, thus taking the health of its consumers for a toss. Meanwhile, they grow some amount of coffee separately without using fertilisers and pesticides which then is treated well, again separately from the rest, for their own person use. Therefore, though there are some legit health benefits from drinking coffee, the presence of harmful chemicals present in the coffee that reaches the market would cancel them out. So, if you desperately need coffee, then better go for organic ones.

Having said that, we believe that consuming coffee in moderation would not cause much of a harm. Nonetheless, we recommend trying Yoga, exercise, meditation and physical activity instead of coffee, if your end goal is to stay active and achieve productivity.

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