The Real Reason Behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s Exit From Real Madrid

For the past three years, there were many rumours about Cristiano Ronaldo’s dissatisfaction playing for at Real Madrid and his possible transfer to a different club. Ronaldo drew an end to all those speculations when he signed contract with Italian club Juventus. Read on to know the real reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave Real Madrid and what makes Juventus a promising space for the player.

Reasons for quitting Real Madrid

1. Frustration with Real Madrid’s deteriorating potential

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid

For Cristiano Ronaldo, winning a Champion’s League Trophy or a Premier League Trophy holds high value. He already holds numerous records in the Champions Leagues like, for highest number of Champions League goals (120), highest number of Champions League final wins, and as the only player to score in 11 straight Champions League games and only player to score 10 goals against a single club (Juventus) in the Champions League. But, from Real Madrid’s recent poor performances, it was evident that the team’s strength is inadequate to  qualify for the Champions League and Premier League, despite his own talent and enormous potential.

Besides, many experts consider the current Real Madrid team as the weakest in the recent times. In the last season, even though they won the Champions League, they could not win the La Liga or any other major title. Therefore, Ronaldo always felt his teammates were not good enough or are not up to his standards. Hence, to ensure that he doesn’t sink with the drowning team, he had to make a smart move to keep himself going. And the easiest choice was Juventus.


2. Speculations about Neymar joining Real Madrid

Neymar -why Cristiano left Real Madrid

In 2017, Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or for the fifth time. During the event, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said that, if Neymar wants to win a Ballon d’Or, he should play for Real Madrid. Being the lead player of the team, Ronaldo found this statement offensive. It was also a hint for him about the club’s intention to sign Neymar. Besides, in the first half of the previous season, when Ronaldo was struggling to score goals,  Madrid President Florentino Perez and the then coach Zidane had made some comments about adding Neymar to the team. Since Neymar is also a celebrated player, Ronaldo found his position in the club at risk.
To add to the fire, Marcelo, during a press conference, said that Ronaldo had no say in whom the FC chooses to buy and that it is all left to the president. All these factors made Cristiano to think that the club was taking him for granted. Hence, to maintain his dignity, he decided to part ways with them.

3. Low payment at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo Bicycle Kick
Ronaldo’s Phenomenal Bicycle Kick in the First Leg of Champions League Quarter Final Match agains Juventus

Despite his consistent and commendable performance in the previous matches, Cristiano’s earning was less compared to his contemporaries Lionel Messi and Neymar. Moreover, Ronaldo  won the Ballon d’Or for the fifth time and was offered a new contract by Real Madrid, subsequently. But that did not raise his revenue above Messi’s and Neymar’s.

As per reports, Messi and Neymar get paid 568000 Euros and 520,000 per week whereas for Cristiano Ronaldo it was just 400000 Euros per week. Cristiano Ronaldo felt that it was a disrespect towards the world’s best player. He had even expressed this disappointment openly in some press events. But, Real Madrid continued to show their indifference which compelled Cristiano to make a serious decision of quitting the club.


How Juventus ticks all the right boxes for CR

1. Juventus domination : Notable Achievement with Consecutive 7 league wins and 4 doubles

Juventus - Cristiano Ronaldo


If you don’t follow Serie A, then let me tell you, Serie A is all about Juventus. Because Juventus won the 2017/18 Serie A title making them the only club to win the league title for a consecutive 7 years. They are also the current Coppa Italia Champions which they won for the consecutive 4th year. Moreover, in the past four Champions leagues, Juventus reached finals twice. This proves their strength not only in Italy but also in entire Europe.

If one looks at history, with an exception of Manchester City,  no team has managed to consistently reach the top four position. Hence, it is crystal clear that success is uncertain regardless of the club. In such a situation, it is always wise to be a part of a team that comprises of young and strong players who have a proven record of high-level performance. The team Juventus had challenged Ronaldo himself in the last Champion’s League match.  Therefore, for Ronaldo, who was fed up with Real Madrid’s weak team, Juventus’ strong team is a hope that his dream of winning more trophies and titles wouldn’t remain just dreams.


2. Juventus will build a team around Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo leads Juventus

When a footballer becomes a star, he wants a team built around him. But Christiano Ronaldo is no more a young boy who can dribble and run with the same energy for the 90 minutes. He is 33 years old and cannot demand extra attention from any club. It is true that the quality of his performance is getting better because of his dedication and passion for the game. But that hasn’t stopped critics from commenting about his age. Besides, Ronaldo also knows that although he is fit, it will be difficult for him to win Golden Boots or Ballon d’Or if he continues to play for Real Madrid.

Juventus, on the other hand, are very happy to have him and are showing all the willingness to build a team around him. This can help him stay at the top flight for some more years and maybe even till the next world cup.  Now that Juventus’ legend Buffon has left the team and joined PSG, it is predictable that Ronaldo is going to be the main man at Juventus.


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