Discovering the Great Amazon Fraud

How one wise decision saved INR 47,000 | Online Shopping VS Offline Shopping 

Two years ago, if you were to buy a product from online stores then you would be making a saving of at least a few hundreds of rupees when compared to buying the same from offline stores. Because of that my trust in online shopping increased so much in these couple of years that I bought almost everything online. I thought I was getting my products for a cheaper price at my door step which was easier and more convenient than the offline option. However, all these assumptions were proven wrong recently when I had to some serious shopping for a camera and a PC which I had decided to build on my own.

I had previously browsed through all the items I would need to build the PC and  put them on my wishlist. However, since it was one of the biggest purchases that I was going to do in my life, I thought I should check the price of the same products offline, too. I wanted a monitor, a processor, PC case, mother board, graphics card, cooler etc. And I just wanted to be convinced and sure that I was getting my things for the best price.

So, I went to an electrical shop at Bangalore and enquired the price. There I was shocked to find out that all those products I wanted to buy were at an unbelievably higher price on when compared to the offline store.

Let me share with you the bill for my purchase from the offline store. Also I have taken screenshots of how they were priced on at that time. So let’s do a quick comparison.

1. Processor- AMD Ryzen 1700X


Offline Store Price- INR 28,588 plus tax

Amazon India Price- INR 33,899






2. Mother board -Asus Prime B350 Plus


MRP on the box- INR 9,990

Offline Store Price- INR 7,700 plus tax

Amazon India Price- INR 10,399






3. SSD- Corsair LS series SSD 240gb


Offline Store Price- INR 6052 plus tax

Amazon India Price- INR 19,161







4. Zhiyun Crane Version 2


Offline Store Price- INR 43,000 Prize- INR 49,901







5. Graphics card MSI GTX 1060- 6GB


Offline Store Price for 6GB- INR 23,688 plus tax

Amazon India Price for 3GB- INR 23,000







6. SMPS- Corsair VS Series VS550


Offline Store Price- INR 3,350 plus tax

Amazon India Price- INR 4,949







7. RAM-Corsair Vengeance 16gb LPX DDR4


Offline Store Price- INR 8,550 plus tax

Amazon India Price- INR 10,999







I was annoyed by what was doing and I thought I should let people know about it. Therefore, I kept tracking their price. At the same time I was planning to buy a camera, a lens, a microphone etc and even then I noticed that had priced those products at a high price. Now let me make one thing clear. My problem is not about the high price. But my anger comes from the fact that, for all these products was charging a price higher than the MRP which is clearly a case of fraud.



Here are more proofs to validate my points.


1. The lens I bought is Sigma 30mm f 1.4DCDN. Its MRP is 28,500 INR as mentioned on the box. And the exact same product was priced at INR 38,696 which is Rs.10,000 higher than the MRP.

Sigma 30mm f 1.4 DCDN Contemporary Lens











2. This is Sony ECM-XYST1M Stereo Microphone. Look at its price on on 18 July 2017. As you can see it is Rs.19,402 plus 240 for delivery.

And this is how the same thing is priced on the official Sony website on the same date. Its INR 9,490 which is the MRP.  A difference of nearly 10,000 Rupees, how is it even possible?

sony microphone india online site



3. This is Sony ECM W1M Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System. The price of this product on Sony website is Rs. 14990 whereas on it is 26,950 plus 240 rupees delivery charges. Difference of nearly 12,000 Rupees!




One more thing to observe here is that this happened during the time when there was  a lot of confusion about GST. So one might argue that GST was the reason for these price hikes.

For a moment let’s assume that GST is the reason for this. But is it possible that GST affects only and not the offline stores? Wouldn’t it be a possibility that amazon was using the GST related confusion for its fraudulent deeds?

Over these years amazon and many other online shopping sites did all things to gain our trust, and when we became unsuspecting of them, they started taking advantage by selling the products at such high prices. I also think that they were trying to make use of all the confusions and misunderstandings that people had with regard to the implementation of GST.

What I learnt from this experience is that buying PC items, camera, camera lenses, etc could be cheaper and reasonable in offline stores too. Besides, there’re other local online stores where I found products being reasonably priced. To give you one more example, this is a UPS I got from reliance digitals for 1800 INR and the same was priced at 2099 on So, all we need to do is check with every source and choose what’s best for us.

So, before buying any product check the price everywhere. Online store prices are not always cheaper. Offline store prices are not always high. Let’s keep this information in mind and stop letting ourselves to be exploited by the likes of At the end, I want to clarify one thing. This video is not intended to promote offline stores nor to defame My honest intention is to share with you and just warn you about an unjust experience that could have happened to me and might happen to you as well.



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    It’s rare for me to find something on the web that’s as entertaining and intriguing as what you have got here. Your page is sweet, your graphics are great, and what’s more, you use source that are relevant to what you’re saying. You are certainly one in a million, well done!


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