My Experience of Watching an ISL Match in Kochi | Akshay KS

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While watching Premier Legue, La-liga or Bundas League if you have been fascinated by the fans and the atmosphere in those matches and ever felt like being there and watching it live, I suggest you to go to Kochi for a KBFC match. Because, the way they welcome you and the love they have for KBFC and football are unmatchable.

I have been following ISL since the first season. I have been noticing not just the players and their performance but also the audience reception to those matches. In the first match, ATK registered a record attendance. Later on, at the end of the tournament, Kerala blasters had registered the highest average attendance. I observed that the reception at Kerala is so huge and passionate. They have an unmatchable passion for football may it be local or International. They compare their stadium at Kochi to Barussia Dortmund. Their loyalty to Kerala Blasters FC is ritualistic. They call themselves Manjapada means yellow army. There are so many manjappada units all around the world.

So it was always my dream to watch a KBFC match in their home stadium. Because I wanted to experience that energy from the audience. I planned to go there in the second season but I couldn’t because of my studies.

During the third season I ended up landing in Kochi in the most unexpected way. I and my friends had planned a trip to Delhi. It was a last minute plan, But, since the central govt announced demonetisation, we had trouble getting train tickets and the bus fares also had hiked dramatically.

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