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I know you are here because your channel got a YouTube copyright strike and you are annoyed, frustrated and worried about what to do next. You may have a number of questions in your head but there are not enough websites or YouTube channels to answer these questions. Thousands of  YouTubers receive Copyright strikes every day because of using the contents belong to others or the contents not created by themselves. Some receive the YouTube Copyright strikes by mistake. I don’t want you to worry now as you are at the right place.

Recently, I read about YouTube Copyright Strike on Wikipedia. According to them, when a user has 3 strikes, YouTube terminates the account, removes all the videos and does not allow the user to create another YouTube account. But they forgot to mention that ‘YouTube terminates your account only if your channel receives three strikes within 90 days’. I have clearly explained this below.

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According to YouTube, you will receive an email with the Copyright strike information. In my case, I did not receive any email instead, I came to know about it from YouTube Creator Studio. Read this article to know how to avoid a YouTube Copyright strike and how to solve the same.

What is a YouTube Copyright strike?

Unlike other social media sites, youtube offers you the privilege to monetize your videos. This will help the content creators to earn some money by doing what they love. Because of this Monetization feature, many YouTubers open new accounts and upload videos that do not belong to them.
When you upload a video which belongs to another person, youtube sends a notification to the owner of that video informing the video has been used by you. If you have not asked permission to use the video in your content, the copyright owner will send a complete and valid legal request to YouTube asking to do either of the two

  • Impose a Copyright strike and take down the video
  •  Block the video without a Copyright strike

Does YouTube Disable Monetization?

This is a practical question. Some years back YouTube used to disable the monetization feature when a channel gets a copyright strike. I got copyright strike a week back but monetization is still enabled on my channel. below is the screenshot of my channel’s status

Not only monetization, all the features remained the same even after a week of getting YouTube copyright strike. YouTube does not disable these features as the YouTubers need to complete one thousand subscribers and four thousand view hours which is very difficult for a beginner. Even after completing all these thresholds, if YouTube disables the Monetization feature considering a copyright strike, then who will begin a YouTube channel. So, a YouTube copyright strike does not affect any of your channel status including monetization.

Does YouTube terminate your account?

This is the most asked question when it comes to YouTube Copyright strike. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the YouTubers who have millions of subscribers do get copyright strikes. I have seen many YouTube videos saying, your account will be terminated if you get 3 copyright strikes. It is a lie!
If it is the first copyright strike you got, then consider it a warning.

Long back, if you receive a copyright strike, you would lose the ability to monetize your videos. But time has changed, Youtube has made several changes to it. As of now, a copyright strike lasts only for 90 days. If you have received the copyright strike for your live stream or archived live stream, then your access to live streaming will be restricted for 90 days.
The only thing you should worry about is, you should not get two more copyright strikes in the next 90 days because if you receive three copyright strikes in a span of 90 days then YouTube can do the following

  • May terminate your account, along with any associated channels.
  • Previously uploaded videos will be deleted.
  • You can not create a new channel.

What to do when you get a copyright strike?

1. Do not delete the video

When we get a copyright strike, what we normally do is delete the video thinking the copyright strike will be lifted if the video being deleted. But, no, deleting the video will not lift the copyright strike and also you will lose the last chance to lift the ban.

2. Get a retraction

This is the first thing you should do when you receive a copyright strike. You can request the person who claimed your video to retract the claim of copyright infringements. If it is a person then an email would do the job. If it is an organization then the chances are very less as hundreds of YouTubers would be using their contents every day and they will be receiving that many numbers of emails. So, they may not reply to your emails. To get the information about the copyright claimer,

  1.  Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2.  Open Creator Studio
  3.  Click Video Manager
  4. Click copyright notices

3. If mistakenly removed, submit a counter notification.

YouTube’s video verification is done by some software. It does not have to be perfect each time. So, YouTube will give you an option to submit a counter notification. When you submit a counter notification, it is like “I have done nothing wrong, let’s fight it out on the court”.

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This process is something I would recommend only if you are sure you committed nothing wrong. If it was a mistake then the video will be re-published by YouTube, if it was your fault, then the copyright claimer can sue you and you may have to pay a lot of money.

4. Wait for expiry

This is the best thing to do. I know you have used someone’s content in your video by mistake and you are not going to repeat the same. All you need here is patience. Wait for 90 days and it will be automatically removed.

In order to expire the YouTube copyright strike in 90 days, you need to complete a test from YouTube which it calls Copyright School. If you do not complete this test, The copyright strike you got will not be expired or lifted.
Long back, you could not have monetized your future videos till the ban is lifted but now the rule has changed and you will get no restriction or limitation because of this one YouTube Copyright strike.

Final words

Like I said above, a Youtube copyright strike does not mean the end of your YouTube career or account, it is just a warning that you should not repeat this in the future. The best thing to do when you receive a copyright strike is, request for a retraction or wait for the expiry. If you are sure that you will not repeat the mistake in the near future then waiting for the expiry is the right thing to do. If the Copyright strike makes you sad, then get a retraction but remember, be polite and patient.

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Thank you so much for being here and I appreciate the time you’ve spent here.I believe this article was helpful for you to get a clear idea about YouTube’s copyright strike.

Akshay KS

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