KBFC at Marbella | Pre Season Training in Spain

Until last year, there was a complaint against KBFC that it doesn’t focus on preparation for Indian Super league. While most other teams were given pre-season training in western countries, training for the Blasters took place locally, mostly in Kerala except one time when they had practice in Thaiand.

The KBFC management has taken this matter seriously and has decided to leave no stones unturned in winning the trophy. They bought the best players they could for the team which includes Berbatov. And now they have gone one step further by taking the players to Spain for the pre-season training.

So, the blasters are all set to fly to Spain and they will be leaving on the 30th of this month. The training is going to take place in Marabella, a coastal city in Andalusian region of Spain.

The Marbella training centre is known for its quality coaching and is regarded as one of the best football training centres in the world.

Earlier in January  Borussia Dortmund held their pre-season in Marabella. The German women’s national team also did their training in the Marbella football training centre.

So, we believe that the players especially the local boys would get exposure and experience in this pre-season training making them more confident and prepared for the match. The best quality equipments used for the training should help them deliver powerful performance.

We also heard that KBFC has arranged matches between the blasters and the local football team of Marbella. It intends to build coordination between the players.

Herala Blasters were the runners-up two times. Looks like they are determined to lift the cup this season.


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