Tips for aspiring YouTubers

We are living in time where we don’t go to people for answers but to google. But this too is going to change. Because according to reports people prefer video content to a written material. Studies suggest that by 2021 the viewers for video contents will be increased by 78%. However google is not going to suffer as it owns the biggest video content platform, YouTube. Therefore YouTubing seems to be on elf the very promising career options. So, if you have a plan to start a youtube channel, then this article is for you.

1.You won’t get paid unless your channel gets 10,000 views

Till 2016 the situation was different. It was possible to activate your adsense right after creating your Youtube account. But then there were also people who uploaded other people’s videos.. This was a big problem for youtube. So, inorder to avoid this youtube brought this rule that you can monetize your channel only after you get 10000 views for your channel. So focus on this big number 10,000.

2. You cannot upload plagiarised content

Youtube has so many tools to detect when you upload content that is owned by someone else. So whenever you do this, you will get the warning that the content doesn’t belong to you. If youtube receives copyright complaints about you, then youtube may delete your videos or may terminate your channel. Therefore, never think of plagiarising.

3. Getting the first 1000 subscribers is the most difficult thing

Starting off on youtube is the most difficult step in my experience because at the beginning you have  to start from zero, literally. Even if you are uploading the most popular contents, there will be hundreds of other videos on the same from competitors who are popular and grab all views. Growing from zero to one thousand is very difficult. But once you reach this milestone you can grow fast.

4.Upload contents regularly

If you upload a video today and upload the next video after a week or two, that may not go well with youtube. Youtube’s algorithm favours channels that upload videos regularly. So if it’s possible, make a schedule so that your subscribers will know when to expect your videos.

5. Do not buy costly gadgets at the beginning.

When you begin, you may think that its better to upload the contents with great visual quality. But the saddest thing here is, not everyone can become successful by making youtube vdeos. Because it takes months for your channel to grow and for that you should be consistent and patient which not everyone is. So, we suggest you to buy the gadgets once your channel has at least 5000 subscribers and you are sure about your channel.

6.Social media pages

Before starting the channel you should be ready with other social media accounts. Having social media accounts and pages will help you keep in touch with your audience.This will create a relationship between you and your audience. This can bring them and their friends to your channel to watch your videos.

7.Choose a niche

Normally most of the popular youtubers have something in common, that is , they have a particular niche. They do not go on and make random videos. They stick to a niche so that people come to your channel for specific contents.

8.Think big

Do not think of creating videos that appeal to only a particular geographic area. More the mass appeal you have, more will be revenue you earn. So, thinking big or thinking globally will help for the fast growth of your channel.


If you are thinking of starting your channel on a particular date then start learning video editing at least one or two weeks before. Because editing may sound easy but it is the most difficult work in your video production work. It may take you hours . so learning the basics could save your time. As a beginner, you can use the free video editing apps that are available online and once you learn from it you may go for the professional editing apps like Adobe Premier Pro or Sony Vegas Pro or Final Cut X Pro.

10.keep an eye on the trends

Trends change from time to time. So it’s important to keep yourself up-to-date by following the topics on newspapers, social media etc .If you start making videos on the topics that people are no longer interested in, then you will get no views. And you willl end up shutting down your channel.Following the trends can help you get extra views at no cost.

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