How to Vlog- Simple Suggestions

Hi, so here’s the thing with how to make a vlog. There is no definitive template which will make your vlog likeable and successful. Making a vlog solely depends on you. Your personality and the way you present yourself to your audience is more important than spending thousands of bucks for a vlog. Through vlogs you are showing your life to your audience so that it creates interest in your audience about what you are doing everyday.

Most people are afraid of vlogging because they think their life is not interesting or that their life is so ordinary and they have nothing exciting to do and share.  The thing to know here is, none of these things matters. Because, in your vlog it’s you who is the story. To make a vlog you don’t necessarily have to be funny and witty. You may just share details of your diet, or exercise or any hobby that you are pursuing etc. Again, there’s no rule dictating you what topic you should choose.

You can start the vlog right from the time you wake up.  Your vlog can be merely for entertainment or informative, or motivational. You can even make a video on going to meet your buddies on a holiday, an evening walk with your dog, going for a movie with your friends, browsing for a dress you want to buy etc.

To make these vlogs you don’t have to spend any money. All you have to do is invest some time in recording the things that you normally do. And if you  browse through the vlogs of most  popular YouTubers’ you will understand that they are just showing what they do everyday. But the way they present it makes you feel that they have something that you do not have.

If you learn the basics of video editing then you can make your blogs look so interesting. So the post processing also matters a bit here- because this is where you get to choose what to show to your audience and how.

So, why waste your time now? Take out your mobile or camera and start vlogging!

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