Vlogging Accessories for Beginners

Have you overcome all your doubts and hesitation about vlogging and speaking to the camera? Well, Congratulations. Before any other fear strikes in, let’s get to the topic without further ado. Here are the basic accessories for your first vlog.


When people think of vlogging, what comes to their mind is people holding a DSLR or mirrorless camera on a small tripod with a shot-gun mic on it. And on youtube you can also see vloggers saying they use the high-end cameras for shooting,  as well as powerful computers and pro-level software applications for editing. This might make you feel that vlogging is an expensive affair. This feeling might also be stopping you from trying vlogging. But don’t you worry.


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But the fact is, vlogging is not as expensive an affair as you think.  You can do it with a decent smartphone camera. In fact, most of the successful YouTubers started their vlogging career with a smartphone camera or a point-and-shoot camera.  But we admit that it would be good if your camera can shoot video at a quality of 720p, at least.

If you are using your phone for recording videos, then we suggest you to use the front camera always. Because that way you can see what you are doing and accordingly adjust the camera whenever you are not in focus or when you are not in the frame. If your front camera isn’t that powerful then you may shoot with the rear camera. But then the problem is,  you should, time and again confirm that the shot footage was recorded the way you wanted. The modern smartphones are also equipped with mic that can record stereo quality audio. That way you need not worry about the sound quality of your vlogs.


Tripod helps you hold your camera in place without hassle. It also helps you prevent shaky videos and avoids the chances of your phone slipping from your hands. While you can find cheap hand-held tripods online, you can also make do for it with a selfie stick. This way you can make your own vlogs without having to spend too much money.

Editing Softwares for YouTube videos:

Editing is an important part of your vlogging business. Because this allows you to organise your content and decide how you want the final video to be. You can find plenty of apps for video editing on google play store and apple app store. Moreover, YouTube also provides some editing tools that will be helpful to make your video look rich and colourful.

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